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Commercial Office:
11801 NW 100th Rd.
Suite 17
Medley, FL 33178
Phone: +1 786 483 7490
Fax:       (858) 876-1798
We are a cutting-edge enterprise in the development of equipments for aesthetic treatments, both corporal and facial ones. We provide technology for: ultracavitation, electroporation, microdermabrasion, electro-stimulation and oxygen-therapy. By studying the latest scientific and technological advances and working with a qualified group of engineers and medical experts we develop equipments of excellence, highly reliable and cost-effective ones.

Included products:

  • Minivac, Minivac S, Minivac EP
  • EP
  • Cavix
  • SLTone
  • Oxygenesis


How does it work:

By purchasing an aesthetic product manufactured by Ecleris S.R.L. as from September 1, 2011, the customer shall receive a certification ensuring the warranty for the product useful life. This certification guarantees the perfect condition without having to pay for any extra cost as regards repairs and/or piece change; the customer shall only be responsible for the delivery or return of the equipment in the original packaging or duly packed to our facilities.

The warranty shall not be enforceable if the product was wrongly used or if it were repaired by a third party other than the company's technical service. The warranty shall be effective as from the equipment sale, considering the remaining useful life years of the product.

The customer shall keep in mind that Ecleris product useful life is never inferior to 6 years.

Why do we offer a lifetime warranty?

  • Because it certifies the manufacturing of products of excellence and their durability. We have a design and development department, we use high quality components to manufacture equipments and we manage manufacturing processes certified by the most rigorous quality standards of the market. 
  • Because it guarantees the customer that the product shall duly render service.
  • Because it is the cutting-edge enterprise in the world that dares to render this service.

We think for the customer:
How much does it cost the customer to stop working and not having the equipment running?

How many times do imported spare parts not arrive on time?

How many times do customers receive extremely high quotations to repair their equipments?

How calm is a customer that knows that for the next 6 years he can use the equipment without having any disgusting surprise as regards maintenance and repair costs?

Our success depends on the customer's success!

Conditions: this lifetime warranty shall not be enforceable if the equipment was wrongly used or if it was repaired by a third party other than our technical service. This warranty shall depend on the equipment useful life but in no case is lower than 6 years. Valid in Argentina as from September 1, 2011, only for aesthetic equipments manufactured by Ecleris S.R.L.

For more information, contact us by phone 4709-7227

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